Vista-SK is a government authorized medical center for vaccination with trusted sources of vaccines.

All vaccines in Vista-SK are sourced from the Nanshan Center for Disease Control. Our pediatrician, pharmacist and nurses double check and confirm vaccine information (name of vaccine, dosage, age of patient, area of injection, method of injection, expiry date etc.) before each shot to ensure safe vaccination.

Vaccinations available at Vista-SK:

-Pediatric Vaccinations

-Adult Vaccinations

-Travel Vaccinations

-Annual Influenza Vaccinations

Please contact us in advance to make sure we have stock of the vaccine you require. Please note that some vaccines, such as Typhoid and Yellow Fever, are restricted and only available from the Shenzhen KouAn Hospital in Futian.

Vista-SK Pediatric Vaccination Service

Vista can provide your child’s complete vaccination needs.

Separate areas for well and sick kids to prevent cross infection:

-Vista-SK has separate waiting area for children who come in for vaccinations/well-being checkups and sick children who have come in for consultations and treatment. 

-Vaccination service by appointment to prevent long waiting times.

Health check before vaccination

-We do physical check to the baby/child before vaccination, then establish a health file and vaccination plan for him/her.

Follow-up service

-Patients are kept under observation for the first 20-30 minutes after vaccination to ensure that we can provide appropriate care in case of an adverse vaccine reaction.

-Our Vista-SK multi-lingual customer service team gives a reminder to parents 1 week before the scheduled date for their child’s next shot.