Vista-SK Peony Club Membership Guidelines



Membership Fees

Individuals: Membership enrollment fee is 200 RMB per adult or child.

Family: Membership enrollment fee is 600 RMB for a family (includes up to 5 people).

Corporate Clients: Membership enrollment fee is 1,500 RMB for corporate clients.


Membership Benefits

·         Only pay 450 RMB for your doctor visit*

A doctor visit package includes:

Consultation fee, Routine blood/urine/stool exams, Electrocardiogram (ECG), Digital X-ray (single view), plus medication for 3 days, according to the doctor’s recommendation. 450RMB doctor visit packages are currently available for:

        ·         General Medicine: Doctor Frank Chen

        ·         Dermatology: Doctor Jeanne Lei

        ·         Orthopedics: Doctor Luo Peng

*The 450 RMB package does NOT include: promotional packages, laboratory tests aside from the three routine exams listed above, imported medication, vaccinations, injections, medical consumables, nebulization, injection, infusion or other treatment costs.

 ·         20% discount on healthcare services**, including but not limited to laboratory tests, surgical procedures 

            and imported medicine.

    **The following items are excluded from discount: Vaccinations; special promotions or packages; services and/or consumables not directly provided by Vista-SK.

 ·         30% discount on health checkup services at Vista-SK Health Management Center***

***discount does not apply to already discounted promotional packages. If an English translation of the health checkup report is required a 300 RMB translation fee will be applied.


Other terms and conditions

·         Payment must be made at the time of the service. We accept cash, credit card, debit card, WeChat and Alipay payments.

·         This membership plan is ONLY valid in the Peony Club area at the Vista-SK Specialist & Day Surgery Center. This plan does NOT apply to the Vista-SK International Medical Center.

·         Can NOT be used with other discounts

·         Can NOT be used with insurance direct billing

·         The membership is only effective from the time of application, it can NOT be applied to any previous services or any balances outstanding from before the membership start date.


Vista-SK Peony Club Membership