Health Seminars

Vista provides a variety of health and well-being training and seminars to meet the needs of the community and corporate clients. This includes a variety of general health talks to promote healthy lifestyle choices and talks on specific health or well-being issues.

Vista’s Corporate Well-Being Seminars provide professional and specialized care for corporate clients and their employees. Challenges faced by employees living in China include: performance pressure, managing changes in the work place, living outside of one’s home country, working with culturally different co-workers and supervisors, improving business communication/etiquette skills, creating a local social networking group, being far from social supports of family and friends, among others.

Our counselors can coach employees in practical skills which enhance work place productivity and promote employee job satisfaction.

Seminars for International Schools & the Community

Please contact us if you would like Vista-SK to provide one of the following seminars at your school or for your community group. This is only a partial list; please let us know if there are other topics you are interested in.

For Parents 

• Understanding Physical & Verbal Bullying: Helping your Child Break the Bullying Cycle

• Cyber bullying: Helping Parents Navigate Their Child’s Digital Social World

• Thriving in Shenzhen: Helpful Strategies for Newly Arrived and Seasoned Ex-pat Families

• Helping the Reluctant and Mourning-for-the-Home-Country Child Adjust and Thrive in Shenzhen

• Talking About Sexuality with Your Pre-Teen and Teen: Communicating Your Values, Promoting Safe and Caring Relationships, and Respecting Your Child's Privacy

• Drug & Alcohol Abuse among Ex-pat Families: When and Where to Go for Help

• Teaching Your Children Values When They Have the Best of Everything

• Creating a Vibrant School Community: Teaching Children to Include Racially and Culturally   Different Classmates on the Playground, in the Cafeteria, and in their Social Circle Outside of School

• Understanding the Emotional Life of Boys vs. Girls

• Raising Girls to be Confident Women: How to Foster Confidence and Self-Respect in Your Daughter

• Helping Your Undecided Teen Find His or Her Career Path

• Recognizing and Treating Anxiety and Depression in Children and Adolescents

• Rescuing the Overscheduled Child: The Importance of Play for Creativity & Interpersonal Development

• Communicating with Teens

• Dating Violence

• Gender Diversity among Children and Adolescents 

• The Raging War against Internet Addiction

• About Immunizations

• Prevention of Infectious Diseases in Shenzhen

• Why Good Dental Hygiene is so important, even for Baby Teeth!

For Parents & Teachers

• Early Detection of Children with Learning Disabilities 

• Supporting Children with Special Needs in Shenzhen

• Suicide and Self-Harm Behaviors in Adolescents

• When is too little and when is too much? Dealing with Eating Disorders in Adolescents

• I hate how I look! Body Dysmorphia in Adolescents

• Taming the Difficult Child: Dealing with Anger issues in Children and Adolescents

• Spotting Potentially Violent Behaviors in School (The Adolescent with Conduct Disorder)

• First Aid Tips

For Expat Teachers 

• Working through it: Coping with Relationship Struggles among Expat Teachers

• I am at a loss! Struggling with Teaching in China, How to keep Motivated

• Insomnia: Lull yourself into a Restful Sleep

• Anxiety and Depression among Expat Teachers

• Alcohol and Substance Abuse in the Expat Teacher’s World 

• Stress Management: Sure-fire Quick Stress Busters

For Students 

• All about your body

• What does a Doctor do?

• Looking after your teeth

• Hygiene – Why is it so Important?