The Vista-SK Dermatology Department aims to provide patients with high quality skincare and health care services. Whether you are suffering from a skin condition or would like professional cosmetic skin improvement, our skin specialists can help. 

Our services:

-Common skin disease & Allergic reactions of skin (e.g. eczema, dermatitis, urticarial, insect dermatitis, acne, seborrheic dermatitis, acne rosacea, psoriasis, etc.)

-Viral skin disease management and diagnosis (e.g. common warts, molluscum contagiosum etc.)

-Skin venereal disease management and diagnosis (e.g. syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts, genital herpes, mycoplasma infection etc.)

-Common pediatric skin disease management and diagnosis (e.g. eczema, shingles etc.)