Health Check-up Services

Vista-SK International Medical Center has a fully serviced Health Management Center where we can provide customized health check-ups for employees and individuals. Our facility is equipped with its own laboratory, imaging equipment, including low radiation CT, digital X-ray, color ultrasound, mammography, bone density check, as well as hearing inspection equipment. The center brings together a team of experienced doctors, the best equipment and comfortable environment to provide the best service.

It is your one-stop shop for your health check-up requirements. Our doctors provide guidance, diagnosis and treatment of diseases as well as preventive health care advice. We can provide customized services for business clients to better fit corporate needs. We can also provide check-ups required by various embassies for immigration purposes. Our service hours are Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. and by appointment at other times.

VIP Health Check-up

Vista-SK VIP health check-up center provides tailored check-up services in a comfortable environment. We offer:

• Individually tailored packages, providing a “one on one” 

  expert consultation to customize a physical examination 

  package according to your needs

• Corporate check-up packages

• Specialist examinations including Gynecology, Pediatrics, 

  respiratory etc.

• tumor screening

• corporate staff annual health check

• corporate employee occupational health check

• Additional services available include: Genetic Testing, Bio-Age Analysis and Intensive Health Check-up Packages in Korea.